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How Deep Is Your Pizza?


Nearly half of Canadians say they want pizzeria operators to offer pizzas that are more authentic, and just as many eat pizza to satisfy a craving, according to a new report from Technomic. 


We think Ottawa deserves better. We are excited to serve you an authentic Chicago Style stuffed deep dish pizza, while also introducing Chicago’s famous crispy extra thin crust pizza to our menu. 

The history of deep dish pizza dates back to 1943, when an Italian-American version of pizza was born after two first generation Italian descendants opened Pizzeria Uno. Dive into a deep-dish pizza and your knife sinks through a layer of crushed tomato sauce, then vegetables and meats (typically Italian sausage), then dense mozzarella cheese and finally, a resistant cracker-like crust. The cake-like pan is first coated in butter to slightly fry the dough during the baking process, giving the pizza its distinct golden crunch.


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