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Thin crust pizza

Thin Crust  Pizza


-Small 10", Medium 12", Large14", Extra Large 16".                                                                                                                                                    

-Add on Extra cheese or feta. S2, M3, L4, ExL5.

-Add on Protein toppings: Pep, bacon, lean pork sausage, ground beef, grilled chicken, ham. SMl.2, MED.3, LRG.4, XL.5.

-Add on Veggies toppings: Mushroom, onion, green pep, green olives, black olives, spinach, tomato, pineapple. SML.1, MED.1.5, LRG.2, XL.2.5.


-Thin Crust Build Your Pizza. SML.13, MED.16, LRG.20, XL.25.

-Thin Crust Chicago Classic. (Lean pork sausage, onion, green pep.) SML.16, MED.22, LRG.28,XL.35.

-Thin Crust Deluxe (Pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, green pep, onion.) SML.18, MED.26., LRG.34, XL.42..

-Thin Crust Veggie (Mushroom, green pep, onion, spinach.) SML.16, MED.22, LRG.28, XL.35.

-Thin Crust Meat (Lean pork sausage, pepperoni, bacon.) SML.18, MED.25, LRG.32, XL.40. 

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